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Marimba Solo


Mary’s Meditation (1983)

Which (1984)

Jamaican Variations (1990)

Chorale in Dee (1998)

The Feel Good Piece (2003)

Schism (2005) (Published by Marimba Productions Inc.)


The Paris Pieces (2011) 15 Short Works for Solo Marimba (Published by MPI)

            Au Revoir


            Tombeau de Berlioz

            Le Cloches de Sacré Coeur

            Le Petit Chien du Marais



            Le Café

            La Sainte Chapelle



            La Tour

            Musique de Boulevard




Will (2014)

Light for Peggy for marimba (2016)

Questions for John (2017)


Budapest Nights (2018)


            Buda Hills  

            Train to Pecs

            Liturgy and Revelry



            Dance for Kurtag

            Sparse Blues  


            Transformation Go! 

            Bartok’s Sanctuary


            Ha Te Tudnad

            Behind the Synagogue



Vibraphone Solo


Joe’s Ninth (1983)

Bundle of Joy (1984)

Hoopin’ (1985)

Light for Peggy (2015)

Go! (2018) from Budapest Nights

Shiva (2018) from Budapest Nights


Snare Solo


Snare Drum Piece #7 (1999)


Timpani Solo

Invocation (1993) for Timpani, Toms and Cymbal


Tambourine Solo

Rocking the Tambourine (1987)

The Preacher (1999) for Tambourine and Vocals



Working Hard and Playing Hard (1984)

Maybe She Got it Wrong (1988)

Noelle’s Song (1995)

Sophia’s Song (1998)

Moving Drums (2008)

Wait Until Saturday (2011)

I Just Want to Go Back (2020)


Multiple Percussion Solo

Variations on a Theme by Pink Floyd (1992)

 various Tom-toms and Coins

Noelle’s Bells (1995/1998) for Chimes, Bells and Vocals

Dance Piece #7 (1996) for Volkswagen Oil Tank and other metallic   objects

Bad Dad (1999) for Stomping Tubes, Boom-whackers, and Vocals

Desert (1998)  for Bull Roar, Whistles, and Didgeridoo

Memories of China (1998) for Marimba and Chinese Gongs

Roger’s Piece (1998) for Garbage Can and Chimney Sweeper


Percussion Duets

Technical Difficulties for 2 Hapless Percussionists (1985)

Stratigraphy (2005) for 2 Percussionists


Percussion and Voice

Glow Worm (1982) arranged for Harassed Soprano and Percussion

Come Away (1985) for Soprano and Vibraphone

 (Published by HoneyRock Music)

Castles in the Sand (1985) for Soprano and Vibraphone

Jake the Snake (1986) for Vibes, Keyboard and Soprano

Tropical Island (1986) for Soprano and Marimba

What Have You Got to Lose? (1986) For Soprano and Vibraphone

Nothing Shall Separate (1987) for 2 Sopranos and Vibraphone

Christmas Medley (1987) for Soprano and Vibraphone

The Lord’s Prayer (1991) arranged for Soprano and Marimba

Mothers Songs (1993) for Soprano and Marimba/Vibraphone   

 (one player)             

Wild Cheetahs Endangered (1994) for Soprano and 2 Percussionists

Wild Cheetahs Return (1995) for Soprano and 2 Percussionists

Come on Home (1995) for Soprano and Vibraphone

Cheetahs-are-Us (1995) for Soprano and 2 Percussionists playing toys

Manic for Soprano, Violin and Vibraphone (2016)


Percussion Ensemble

The Haunted House (1984) for Narrator and various Percussion

Three Movements for Percussion (1990) for 3 players

Yeye (1991) various Afro Cuban instruments and drums, variable     number of players

Lisasong (1993) for 3 marimbas

Slay Ride (1993) for 7 players, mixed

Ballero (1994) for Slide Whistler on Roller Blades and 3 Ball   Bouncers    

Rudolph Reigns (1994) For Santa-Rapper and 7 percussionists

Glass Works (1996) Quartet for all Glass Instruments (Published by MPI)

It’s a Jungle in Here! (2000) for various numbers of irrigation tubes and   bird whistles

Pachelbel’s Kanon/Basket Case (2002) Combination of the famous   Kanon and Green Day’s hit

Inaugural Fanfare (2009) Mixed Percussion, 12 players

Slow Liquid Rising (2006) for 10 mallet players

Lucifugous (2010) for various frightened players with flashlights

Jardin de Monet (2011) for 4 Marimbas (Published by MPI)

Obo Woke Me Up! (2012) for 9 Percussionists

Sparkle, Shimmer and Gleam (2013) for flashlight ensemble

Not What I Expected (2013) for 4 Marimbas

 (Published by MPI)

Baboons on the Beach (2015) for 3 Marimbas and 1 Vibraphone

An Offering for Paris (2015) for 2 Marimbas and 1 Vibraphone

Somewhere Over Kansas (2017) for Percussion Ensemble and Strings

Budapest Romp (2018) for marimba quartet


Mixed Ensemble

Ode to Bud (1980) for Jazz Quintet

Out of the Darkness (1990) for Piano and Vibraphone

Same Trains (1997) for Viola and Vibraphone

Phantom Train (2009) for Violin and Vibraphone

Windmills (2012) for Violin and Didjeridoo

Brave Wind for Horn and Field Drum (2013) (Commissioned by Jeffrey   Snedeker and the Meir Rimon Commissioning Assistance Program and   published by the International Horn Society)

Highland Rondo for Violin and Marimba (2013)

Iberian Images for Violin and Marimba (2015)

Running for Violin and Marimba (2015)

Nisinova for Violin and Marimba (2015)



Dark of the Moon (1988) 90 minute soundtrack for the play, for Flute,Cello and 2 Percussionists. Commissioned by The Musical Theater Company,Portland Oregon.   


Workshop (1995) Produced and co-created Microsoft CD-Rom soundtrack with Dan Balmer and Jeff Leonard, for guitar, bass, percussion, power and hand tools.

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